Planning? In Advance? 
2010.07.13 09:15 - Miscellanea
Not really my strong point, but I thought I should be looking for a hotel for Homecoming, if I'm going. ISTR a consensus last year to find somewhere other than the Best Western. Was a decision made/is anyone else going/etc?
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Minor Site Changes 
2010.07.13 09:09 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
Flipped through the last year or two's worth of entries to tag everything related to Hi-Powers. Just because. Also changed the 'Big Guns' category to 'Guns'.
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2010.06.21 08:13 - Whining
It is 10 after 8 in the morning, the temperature is almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity's 84%.

I can't tell if my forehead is damp because of sweat or condensation.
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I'd like to say it's been quiet, but ... 
2010.06.06 22:38 - Meatspace Stupidity, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
Actually, aside from accidentally stabbing myself in the ankle0, it's been pretty quiet.

I'm overdue to hit the pistol range, but I'd like to rebuild my stash of ammo some, first. Plenty of rifle ammo for the moment, but limited ambition. Shooting's expensive, after all.

I did fix formatting on this post. So, I guess there's that.

0. Yes, accidentally, yes, the ankle. One trip to the ER, two stitches and a couple prescriptions to take care of the rash that came with it.

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On the FN/Browning Hi-Power 
2010.05.16 22:50 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power
The Hi-Power is generally regarded as the last of John Moses Browning's firearms. In fact, he only designed a pair of prototypes of the Hi-Power; the pistol was finished after his death by Dieudonné Saive. If you're curious about the particulars, check out Wikipedia on the subject.

The Hi-Power is a fantastic pistol. Though not perfect, it points naturally, and is accurate as one could want. The Hi-Power fits well in the hand. Annoyances include a magazine disconnect which produces a different trigger pull depending on the finish of the particular magazine, and a tendency for hammer bite when held high on the grip, owing to developments in pistol shooting since the gun was designed. Originating in the days before +P ammo and hot NATO loadings (indeed, before NATO at all), the Hi-Power is usually not rated for 9x19mm+P, though swapping a spring or two will take care of that.

Well, there is one other problem: FN sells the Hi-Power very, very dear.

I've purchased both of mine used, each for a price that could buy a good, new autoloader from just about anybody else. But, boy, do they shoot. Makes me feel almost competent on the firing line. Almost.

So, there are a couple things I would change if I could. I'd like to see a Hi-Power sold at $700 that had an extended beavertail to facilitate a proper, modern grip and eliminate hammer bite, with a beveled magazine well and no magazine disconnect. Right now, that's not happening. It can't: even modifying something like a used FEG or Argentine FM-90 to accomodate the beavertail will run $700, and that's before the gun is refinished and any other work is done. For rather more than that, though, I may have what I want by the end of the year. We'll see.
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