2009.04.21 22:25 - Meatspace Stupidity, Miscellanea
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Let your tea be dark and impenetrable as night. 
2009.04.20 09:51 - Meatspace Stupidity, Tea
That is how that one goes, right?

I'm on black tea this week. Pu Erh Tuo Cha, specifically. The bag is printed with some brief instructions, specifying one brick for three six-ounce cups. Last time I had this stuff, I was using about one brick for every six ounces.

I thought it was pretty strong at the time.
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Brief Range Notes 
2009.04.20 09:42 - Guns, Browning Hi-Power, Zombie Preparedness
I went to the indoor range yesterday, sending two magazines through the Hi-Power, and four or five through the Sig Mosquito. I did all my shooting yesterday at ten feet, which is very close.

The Mosquito is my newest gun, actually, and its major virtues are that it is chambered in .22LR and mostly looks and feels like a gun chambered for 9x19mm or something. It had some feeding and ejection difficulties, but not until the second or third magazine, so it may just have been dirt, or the inexpensive ammo.

I started off with the Hi-Power, though, and managed to make my entire day by putting a half-dozen or so close enough together that the holes touched. This is a gun that rattles when shaken, with magazines that still have rust on them, despite my best efforts. It is my favorite gun. Well. Hard call between the HP, the Mateba and the Garand, but easily my favorite Browning-pattern autoloading pistol. And, when it's all cleaned up, it's even pretty, as such things go.
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I Wonder How Much Less Effective Business Communications Can Get 
2009.04.10 15:10 - Meatspace Stupidity, Miscellanea, Work-related
I'm sure it's not a novel observation, but I can't help but feel that using IM for communications between professionals located in the same building is actually a terrific mistake for ... well, for anything, really.

A phone call is as immediate and probably more effective (by conveying vocal tone and other cues missing from textual communication), without being significantly harder to log for future reference. (I know many IM clients will log this stuff for you, but the one used here does not. The server does log everything for the nice people in compliance, though!) Email, though less immediate, provides an excellent ability to track material for future reference, and is more likely to generate a correct and useful response. A face-to-face discussion is, in my experience, almost always faster and more effective for anything complicated enough to justify discussion.

Basically, all I can tell IM is really good for are brief messages asking someone to come here or coordinating things for lunch. It doesn't offer the deniability of a face-to-face meeting or phone call, nor the paper trail of an email discussion, and is demonstrably less effective than any alternative.

So, why bother with it?
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ATTN: Shotgunners and Anti-Zombie Defense League 
2009.04.07 11:15 - Guns
You need to google 'monolith p12'. Allegedly, Monolith Arms is to begin production on the P-12 this year, but their website seems to be kaput, and there's not so much as a demonstration of their prototype actually being fired, just some pretty pictures. So, I shall believe it when it happens.

Neat idea, though.
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