I have decided that I have one regret from 2008. 
2009.01.27 17:54 - News and Politics
Given the way the election went, I should have cast a write-in vote as a protest. In my locality, my state and the country, it would have made exactly as much difference, and at least it would have said something other than "I prefer liberal Republicans to extremely liberal Democrats." Not that I don't, just that I could also have said "I prefer $something_else to any of these jerks."

I'm just not sure whether I'd have written in Paulson/Neuman or Thompson/Coolidge.
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I'm just messing with you, Mgrdcm. 
2009.01.22 14:02 - Internet Stupidity, Miscellanea, Site/Meta
If you aren't Mgrdcm, please disregard.
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2009.01.21 15:04 - Guns, Zombie Preparedness

Details forthcoming.
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I don't wholly agree, but ... 
2009.01.21 08:36 - News and Politics
Greg Mankiw remembers a conservative blogger's observation:
Jane's Law:
The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane.

Originally from QandO. (If you click through far enough, you'll find that "Jane's Law" is at least partly inspired by right-wing derangement during the Clinton years.)

This is part of why I've stopped reading RedState in the last few months, as some of their senior editors appear to getting terribly close to stepping off the spittle-flecked edge. (Other reasons include their shift to focus on Activism!, as I have no great interest in being a professional agitator, however benign. The major reason their are so man full-time activists on the left seems, to me, to be a reflection of the appeal that the left's ideas have to people that have never had a real job.)

Some of the other observations over at the (three-year-old) QandO post seem reasonable to me, as well.

Also on politics: I hear we have a new President. Well, I hope he has a successful presidency, but it must be understood I don't hope he succeeds on anything or everything he attempts in office.
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Stupid Gun Tricks 
2009.01.19 14:11 - Guns
1. A chainSAW
2. Predator-style laser sight No sign of this on the manufacturer's website, so it may be discontinued.

That's all I got at the moment.
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