Tomorrow, I'm bringing my umbrella. 
2009.05.27 13:41 - Meatspace Stupidity
Or the club.

Was startled by a goose on the way from my car to the building this morning, and seem to have fallen over backward and hwanged my head good. One ambulance ride, four hours, Six staples and a CT scan later, I'm back at the office. Couldn't see for about twenty minutes, but that cleared up and there appears to be no permanent or visible damage.

Farging geese.

Strangest thing? Noticing that I seem to have pocket-dialed Pikafoop about the time this all happened.
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Brain Juice At 33%, Captain 
2009.05.26 16:02 - Work-related
I think it just took me the better part of four hours to clean up some code to a state that was readable enough to begin puzzling out how it has to be changed to accommodate our ever-changing system requirements.

I am pretty sure this is just some basic furniture moving (i. e. "A little to the left, a little more ... on second though, put it back in the corner where it was. No, a little more to the right, etc."), but they've gone and changed the jargon surrounding this feature in the two years between when this code was probably written and now, when they've decided that maybe they'd actually like to use it. This complicates an already baroque implementation of a confused feature.

Anyway, I'm a bit frazzled, now.
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Been Playing Eternal Sonata 
2009.05.23 19:41 - Entertainment, Microcode
This is a conceptually interesting game; you're following Frederic Chopin through a fever dream as he lays dying of tuberculosis or something in Paris (or wherever).

In actuality, you're following around a sad, terminally ill girl who is written and voiced with all the subtlety of a half-brick to the forehead. The art direction is nice, with bright colors and environments that are mostly pleasing to look at. The combat system seems a bit shallow, but has some interesting elements involved. But, man: the man plot (at least as far as I've played) centers around a little girl who is terminally ill of some undefined and, apparently, otherwise benign illness (I'm thinking that it's some sort of depressive disorder) seeking tax subsidies for the natural herbal supplements manufactured by the people in her village. Oh, and the nobility's evil and drugs are bad.

The chapters of the story include some stuff about Chopin's actual life as related to different compositions he wrote, but this appears to have little connection to the game itself, and the information is delivered as a completely disconnected expository dump that is not integrated in the game at all.

At it's best, it's okay. It's hard to escape the feeling, though, that there are better, more interesting and more enjoyable stories that could have been told using the premise, and even the art direction.
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I guess I'm officially old today. 
2009.05.13 11:00 - Miscellanea
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On Star Trek 
2009.05.12 13:30 - Entertainment, Movies
1. It's good. I'm not sure it's high cinema, and it's got some flaws, but, as Star Trek films go, it's very good.
2. Apparently, Starfleet is very, very pretty in the alternate future.
3. Also, suffering a huge personnel crisis.
4. Could've done with less Nimoy, actually. Dunno if it was Nimoy's acting, or just lines he had to work with, but I thought that was the weakest part of film.
5. On a related point, the plot is kinda stupid around the edges. The rest of the movie's too much fun to care, though.
6. Poor, poor Olson. If only he knew.
7. It may just be having wound up in the center of the very front row, but I am absolutely over shaky cam and close-ups so close you can count people's pores in high-definition.
8. I need an origami sword (origamigatana?). The day I can carry a three-foot long razor in my pocket is a good day. Science needs to get on that one right away.

Several of the performances were fine, but the role in this film was kinda small. Hard to cram that much pre-existing characterization into the space alotted. It's really to their credit that they didn't try.

And I wish to note that, though I have a more-than-passing familiarity with the Trek franchise, I'm not a Trekkie, Trekker, or whatever by pretty fair stretch.
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