2007.05.05 03:09 - Guns, News and Politics
I have to admit that this sort of thing gives me pause. I would guess that this isn't doesn't really fall on the Maryland law enforcement folks, so much as some paranoid ding-a-ling with an unusually poor sense of humor or perspective. Nobody wants to be the one to be blamed for being asleep at the switch if or when something goes awry.

Oh, right. I now own a Second Amendment device. My reasoning is not entirely dissimilar from Mr. Boyd's0: it just seems like a man1 ought to know how to handle a weapon if it comes to that.

Anyway, past experience suggests that I'm a terrible shot. In case you're wondering, my self-defense weapon of choice is going to be a baseball bat, or a bokken.

I doubt I'll post on the subject too much. I don't want to find myself a potential terror suspect because of an off-hand remark about the relative effectiveness of this or that caliber firearm.


0. I'm not so worried about "the South" rising again. I'm terribly provincial, though.
1. I. e., me.

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On Master of the Flying Guillotine 
2007.05.01 00:50 - Entertainment, Movies
"I know what you're thinking. 'Was that six axes, or only five?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But you've got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, monk?"
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Saw 300 
2007.04.30 22:36 - Entertainment, Movies
I won't go so far as to say that you should, too. It is, clearly, not a family film. Portions of it are rather gratuitous, and the whole thing is a bit over the top (perhaps less so than you might think, though!). You should really think about it, though.

Some of the dialogue rankles just a bit. That may be a side-effect of current political ... stuff, so I can see where some of the charges of jingoism come from. I don't think they actually apply, but I'm not sure if the actress who delivered the line quite undestood that, or why, and I can't fault the reviewers for the complaint.

No, it's not historically accurate. The Thespians are reduced to a single, brief (and uncomplimentary) reference. The Spartans were not nice people, would not have waded into battle half-nude, and had some curious sexual proclivities themselves. The depiction of the Persians is quite thoroughly unfair. It is frighteningly violent, with sex, partial nudity, sexual references, a certain amount of obscenity, and so forth. Seriously, it deserves the R. At the same time, it is an excellent celebration of things like the defense of freedom, the soldier's place in a free society and ... well, go hunt up Victor Davis Hanson's review over at National Review Online.
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From Guns To Survivalism 
2007.04.24 15:17 - Miscellanea, News and Politics
Some readers may be interested in this discussion at pdb's blog. Follow-up here, with a wrap-up forthcoming, it seems. I'll probably just update this post when that happens.

(FWIW: pdb is a Canadian expat and gun nut in South Carolina, who runs a video game store. I will note that I do not agree with him on any number of issues, but find he's usually an entertaining read on at least guns and the life of a video game retailer.)
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On Stopping Power 
2007.04.24 10:12 - Guns, Work-related
Today's Three Panel Soul probably captures the exact reason I feel mildly uncomfortable discussing guns at work. Mildly uncomfortable. Not enough that I didn't spend an hour talking handguns with one of the other devs yesterday afternoon.
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