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2007.09.26 12:47 - Site/Meta
Just in case you had something you had to tell me, you'd best use email. Seems like I've been found by another spam bot, for what reason I cannot imagine.
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On the Practice of Free Speech 
2007.09.24 17:24 - News and Politics
and the Consequences Thereof:

Nobody ever said that your every inanity was worth their time and money.

There's a diary on this up at, but I only scanned it. The gist of it is that the Colarado State University's student-run newspaper put up a four-word 'editorial' on the Bush administration which will not be reprinted herein. And, then, 30% of their advertising revenue went *poof* as sponsors decided that other outlets for advertising might reflect better on them.

Keep this in mind whenever someone yammers about the violence inherent in system because $media_outlet hasn't denounced the President/war/election/telco/oil company/Republicans/Democrats/Communists/terrorists/space aliens at sufficient volume. It's probably not the case the government is somehow repressing all that vital information. Probably, they just don't want to convince their audience and advertisers that there are better places to get their news. To that end, most news outlets would prefer not to appear to be staffed by raving loons.
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He was really, *really* hungry. 
2007.09.24 17:07 - Miscellanea, News and Politics
From personal experience, domesticated ducks are not terribly fast nor terribly smart (also, rather craven). While I've never been to the hotel in question, I can imagine that Mr. Clark probably didn't have too much trouble snagging the unfortunate bird, though I find myself wondering just how drunk one has to be before a duck pond in the hotel lobby starts to look like an open snack bar. Also, I'm pretty sure that ducks don't come with pop tops, but his inebriated state seems to have left him unclear on that point.

(Poor, poor ducky.)

It may amuse some of you to note that my sympathy for waterfowl does not extend to the Canadian goose. Just in case you thought I'd forgotten about the filthy, aggressive, honking, feathered poop machines. But, ducks are nice (also, fairly quiet, in my experience).

[Edit: I've never been to the hotel in question. Fingers lagging behind my brain there.]
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2007.09.19 13:27 - Entertainment, Books, Comics, Music, Movies, Internet Stupidity
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Comments are back on, FWIW 
2007.09.17 11:30 - Site/Meta
Apparently, turning them off just unlinks the comments page from the blog pages. It doesn't actually keep, say, a spambot from submitting comments.

People who aren't spambots, go nuts. Or not, however you're inclined.
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