2007.09.19 13:27 - Entertainment, Books, Comics, Music, Movies, Internet Stupidity
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Comments are back on, FWIW 
2007.09.17 11:30 - Site/Meta
Apparently, turning them off just unlinks the comments page from the blog pages. It doesn't actually keep, say, a spambot from submitting comments.

People who aren't spambots, go nuts. Or not, however you're inclined.
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Well, &*^%! 
2007.09.17 01:34 - Entertainment, Books, Miscellanea, News and Politics
Seems that Robert Jordan died yesterday (9/16) afternoon. Details at Wikipedia, and probably at this link to his blog. I found out from a posting at RedState.com.

Despite the long standing joke about whether he'd finish the series before he died (which, granted, stopped being funny over a year ago), I can't say I expected it to actually happen. I can only assume he's busy writing where'er his soul may be.
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ATTN: ser@line.com 
2007.09.17 01:25 - Site/Meta
Stop spamming my blog, jerkface.
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So, Louisville has an Apple Store now. 
2007.09.15 17:05 - Miscellanea
It was so much more exciting in my mind, really. It wasn't crowded with jabbering twits there, apparently, to be seen or just hang out0, and it had an iPod Touch I could twiddle with and put down.

It's really a deceptively terrible place. The hard, white surfaces tend to reflect a lot of light and sound, so, while it's easy to see things, it's impossible to hear anything, including your own thoughts.

Perhaps it will ease a bit once the novelty wears off, and people will find other places to hang out and make pretense to importance. And, maybe, I will come back when it does. Don't know if I'd count on it, though.

0. For heaven's sake, people, you are already in the mall. Hang out somewhere where you won't be disrupting traffic.

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